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    Inspection performance

    The accredited inspection body (type C) is offering the customers carrying out the inspection to evaluate the conformity quality of the delivered sample with the required specification – the quality inspection of the products:

    • natural gas
    • biogas
    • compressed natural gas (CNG)
    • liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and other petroleum gases
    • automotive fuel ethanol E85
    • automotive petrol fuel and components: ETBE, FCC petrol, BOB, reformate, alkylate, ethanol
    • diesel, mixed diesel, gas oil
    • FAME
    • aviation kerosenes
    • marine fuels
    • fuel oils, vacuum residues
    • vegetable oils as fuel for diesel engines
    • other refinery products: benzene, toluene, xylenes, pyrolysis oil, gasoline for pyrolysis
    • Liquid sulfur

    in line with the requirements of the respective technical standards and/or the customer’s specification.

    Quality inspection of the product comprises sampling, testing and conformity assessment with the requirements. The output documents issuing from the conformity assessment are the Inspection certificates that serve to authenticate the quality of marketed products/delivered to customers.