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    VÚRUP, a. s.

    Vlčie hrdlo P.O.BOX 50 820 03 Bratislava 23 Slovenská republika

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    Billing details

    CRN: 35691310

    Tax ID: 2020331423

    VAT ID No: SK7120001713


    Tel: 02 / 4055 8951

    Contact persons

    Name Position Telephone E-mail
    Ing. Zsolt Novotný Managing director 02 / 4055 8950 02 / 4055 8951 [email protected]
    Zdena Šimčáková Assistant of the Managing director 02 / 4055 8951 [email protected]
    Ing. Mária Sulíková Quality manager [email protected]
    SLOVNAFT HYGI Fluid Purchase disinfection [email protected]
    Department Testing laboratories
    Ing. Zuzana Wetterová Head of Department Testing laboratories [email protected]
    RNDr. Renáta Banasová Head of laboratory Section I [email protected]
    Ing. Mária Janoštiaková Head of laboratory Section II [email protected]
    Ing. Miroslav Majerík Head of laboratory Section III [email protected]
    Ing. Eva Lukáčová Laboratory Section IV [email protected]
    RNDr. Ladislav Danč Head of laboratory Section V [email protected]
    Ing. Martina Slezáčková Coordinator for science and research [email protected]
    Test Labs Info [email protected]
    Department Back office
    Ing. Andrea Evinicová Head of Back office [email protected]
    Ľubomír Valachovič Informatics officer [email protected]
    Department Inspection
    Ing. Iveta Chovancová Technical manager [email protected]
    Ing. Eva Valachovičová Techncal Manager [email protected]
    Ing. Iveta Sajanová Project manager [email protected]
    Ing. Róbert Franta Head of laboratory Motor tests [email protected]
    Department Process safety and environment
    Ing. Jana Kmiťová Head of Department PS&E [email protected]
    Ing. Martin Krško Head of Department Process Safety [email protected]
    Ing. Miloslav Chmela Head of Department Environment [email protected]
    Department Groundwater hydraulic protection
    Mgr. Štefan Marenčák, PhD. Head of Department GWHP [email protected]
    Patrik Kuric Operations Management Worker [email protected]
    VÚRUP, a. s.