• About the company

    About the company

    1st pillar – Independent testing laboratories and Inspection body

    At testing laboratories physical, physiochemical and chemical tests of crude oil, of petroleum products, liquid and gaseous fuel, polymers, biofuels, coolants, vegetable fats and oils,  groundwater, surface water, waste water, process water, communal water, industrial water, special water, that from technological stages and waste water treatment plant, water extracts, water from waste, sludge, sediments, soils, earth mass, biomass, ash, products of combustion and firing, sampling of liquid and gaseous fuels, crude oil and petroleum products, petrochemicals, waste, surface and groundwater, waste, sludge, soils and earth mass are being carried out. The laboratories are STN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited

    The inspection body (type C) is carrying out the inspection to evaluate the conformity quality of the delivered sample with the required specification. The inspection body is STN EN ISO/IEC 17020 accredited. It provides with consultancy in the field of application and storage possibilities of motor fuel and draws up expert opinions with regard to the quality and usability of car fuel, grease and oils, waste water, surface water and groundwater and takes samples of liquid and gaseous fuels for the inspection purposes.

    2nd pillar – Process safety and environment dealing with two basic processes:

    Functional safety

    It elaborates the SEVESO documentation in line with the Act No. 128/2015 of Coll. (Notification, Risk assessment, Safety report, Internal accident plan, etc.) and provides consultancy in the domain of the Major industrial accident prevention. It carries out the risk analysis using the method HAZOP (What If, HAZID…), LOPA, sets the SIL requirements on new or existing safety functions.

    It carries out professional training of Major Accident prevention specialists in accordance with Act no. 128/2015 Coll.

    It assesses the type and extent of zones with the risk of explosive atmosphere and elaborates and updates Documentation on explosion protection.


    It measures diverse factors in the working and living environment – such as chemical factors, noise, artificial lighting and vibrations, fugitive emissions LDAR and VOC from stationery sources of air contamination, and it sets the balance of emissions from stationery sources of air contamination as well as the calculation of fees in line with the legislation in force. It processes the IPKZ applications, water management emergency plans and STPP and TOO, and issues the Safety data sheets.

    It processes and modifies the graphic documentation (AutoCAD, large-scale scanner).

    3rd pillar – Specialties production as low-tonnage production

    It is focused on the processing of n-alkanes and production of n-alkanes based degreasing agents, it processes solutions of low-molecular polymer and produces hydrocarbon liquids for the production of lamp-oils and incendiary agents, production of forming oils, process oils and release agents. It produces readily biodegradable grease based on the vegetable and synthetic oils, low solidifying mixtures for heat transfer systems, it produces and regenerates synthetic zeolites to dry gases.

    4th pillar – Geological survey

    of environment, remediation of rock surrounding and special geological supervision.

    5th pillar – Research and development

    It offers a cooperation at the research of new or updated products in gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, research of alternative motor fuel and catalysts.