Volume 43, 2001

Volume 43, 2001, Issue 1

Advanced techniques to develop asphalt master curves from the bending beam rheometer ( 213,78 KB, pdf)

G. M. Rowe, M. J. Sharrock, M. G. Bouldin and R. N. Dongre

The application of iatroscan-technique for analysis of bitumen ( 67,27 KB, pdf)

A. Ecker

Synthesis and application of polyethers with medium-high molecular weight ( 110,74 KB, pdf)

G. Chen, Q. Liu, J. Feng, G. Hu, P. Kois and A. Perjessy

Thermal liquefaction of the fossil organic matter in a low-boiling solvent ( 91,78 KB, pdf)

E. V. Rifert, A. K. Golovko and G. S. Pevneva

Determination of stability of mineral oils, crude oils and waxes by chemiluminescence ( 100,33 KB, pdf)

L. Rychla, J. Rychly and S. P. Srivastava

Simulation of the fixed-bed reactor for methanol synthesis ( 58,09 KB, pdf)

S. V. Sinadinovic-Fiser, M. R. Jankovic and R. Z. Radicevic

Effect of short - time aging on hydrophilicity of discharge plasma pretreated biaxially oriented polypropylene ( 64,39 KB, pdf)

I. Novak and S. Florian

Removal of voc from waste gases by biofiltration technology ( 67,16 KB, pdf)

A. Eszenyiova, V. Bilska and H. Rajnohova

High temperature gas chromatographic analysis of asphalt-polluted soil ( 90,80 KB, pdf)

R. Mracnova, R. Kubinec, L. Sojak, R. Gora, A. Eszenyiova and A. Kraus

Thermal properties and crystalization behaviour of solid n-paraffin components derived from mukta crude oil ( 178,80 KB, pdf)

H.U. Khan, S.P. Nautiyal, K.M. Agrawal, R.L. Sharma and A. Sikora

The future of performance-related binder specifications ( 99,98 KB, pdf)

M. G. Bouldin, R. N. Dongre, G. M. Rowe and L. Zanzotto