Volume 45, 2003

Volume 45, 2003, Issue 1-2

"Experimental and theoretical study of optical and electrochemical properties of novel alkyl substituted 2,3-diaza-1,3-butadiene bithienyls " has no version set!
Catalytic transalkylation of trimethylbenzenes with toluene ( 285,24 KB, pdf)

Hanika J., Smejkal Q., Krejci, A. , Kolena J., Kubička D.

Experimental solubility determination of acid gases in dga and mdea ( , )

Morteza Tajerian and Javad Alaei

Destruction of oil pollution by microorganisms of peat ( , )

L. Stakhina, T. Burmistrova, T. Alekseeva

South-moravian lignite – potential source of humic substances ( 333,38 KB, pdf)

Jiří Kučerík, Miloslav Pekař, Martina Klučáková

Etherification of glycerol ( 70,07 KB, pdf)

K.Klepáčová, D.Mravec, E.Hájeková, M.Bajus

Gamma-alumina modified by acidification as an acidic catalyst for petrochemical processes ( 347,52 KB, pdf)

Vendelín Macho, Ľudovít Jureček, Ladislav Komora, Emília Jurečeková, Eva Komorova

On the structural effects of the head-to-tail coupled oligo (3-alkylthiophenes) on their optical properties ( 314,28 KB, pdf)

Vladimír Lukeš, Zuzana Cibulková, Silvia Vlčková

Equilibrium data determination for system of methane and heptane ( 1,35 MB, pdf)

J. Alaei and M. Tajerian

A feasibility study for bioreduction of petroleum compounds in refinery sewage sludge using composting ( 1,62 MB, pdf)

Eva Chmielewská and Alica Eszényiová

Performance comparison of conventional and y-zeolite-containing hydrotreatment catalyst in hydrorefining of middle fuel distillates derived from different sources ( 2,72 MB, pdf)

P. Michalica, A. Smiešková, P. Hudec, R. Ráczová, J. Ambro

The study of coke formation during copyrolysis of hexadecane, cyclohexane, and isooctane ( 1,43 MB, pdf)

Elena Hájeková and Martin Bajus

Effective diffusivities of water vapours and heptane vapours in particles of molecular sieves 4a and 5a ( 2,43 MB, pdf)

Daniel Bobok and Eva Besedová

Hydrocarbon technologies ( 68,53 KB, pdf)

Martin Bajus

Volume 45, 2003, Issue 3-4

Synthesis of premium motor fuel from middle distillates with high content of thiophene and dibezothiophene ( 647,61 KB, pdf)

D. G. Aksenov, O. V. Klimov and G. V. Echevsky

Diffusional mass transfer of ethanol vaporous in particular of activated carbons ( 673,01 KB, pdf)

B. Bobok and E. Besedova

A new method of the organic waste treatment, concerning waste oil, mixed plastics waste, oil sludge and pcbs waste processing with simultaneous recovery of hydrocarbons ( 735,06 KB, pdf)

I. Madar and M. Juriga

Alkylation of benzene by linear a-olefins c16 over dealuminated y-zeolites and mordenites ( 632,27 KB, pdf)

A. Nociar, P. Hudec, T. Jakubík, A. Smieskova and Z. Zidek

Shear viscosity and dielectric permittivity in asphalt modified by sbs ( 690,84 KB, pdf)

Z. Vlachovicova, J. Stastna and L. Zanzotto

Production of unsaturated, hydrogenated and aromatized oligoolefin bases of synthetic lubricants ( 565,43 KB, pdf)

P. E. Matkovskii, G. P. Startseva, V. I. Savchenko, S. M. Aldoshin, V. N. Troitskii, M. A. Demidov, V. G. Schamsutditov, G. L. Ilyasov, Dj. Michailovich and K. Jotanovich

Prediction of physical properties of hydrocarbons and petroleum fractions by a new group-contribution method ( 633,94 KB, pdf)

N. Skander and C.E. Chitour

Liquefaction of brown coals of kansk-achinks fiels in conditions of high-sped heating ( 643,49 KB, pdf)

A. P. Soldatov and O. P. Parenago

Continuous hydrogen production via fermentation of synthesis gas ( 662,79 KB, pdf)

G. Najafpour, H. Younesi and A. R. Mohamed

The role of additives in reducing fluid catalytic cracking sox and nox emissions ( 985,77 KB, pdf)

A. Vierheilig and M. Evans

A rigorous model of ethylene pyrolysis and its applications ( 599,55 KB, pdf)

P. Zámostný and Z. Belohlav

Deep hydrodesulphurisation of gas oils ( 628,56 KB, pdf)

Z. Varga and J. Hancsók

Design of caustic wash system for light hydrocarbons such as lpg , ngl and naphtha ( 603,71 KB, pdf)

K. Ghanbari, K. Razmkhah and M. Tajerian

Chemical recycling of waste polyethylene and polypropylene ( 667,41 KB, pdf)

N. Miskolczi, L. Bartha, Gy. Deák and B. Jóver

Headspace solid-phase microextraction of atmospheric organic aerosols ( 705,58 KB, pdf)

M. Kirchner, E. Matisová, P. Kotianová,  J. Leško†,and H. Puxbaum

Fcc feed fractionation. an analysis of contributions and selectivities of distillation cuts to overall conversion ( 589,06 KB, pdf)

M. E. Mariaca-Dominguez, S. Rodriguez-Salomón and D. Salazar-Sotelo

On the energetics and torsional effects of selected n,n-substituted p-phenylenediamines ( 628,49 KB, pdf)

V. Lukeš and Z. Cibulková

Kinetics of dicyclopentadiene hydrogenation using pd/c catalyst ( 678,40 KB, pdf)

D. Skála and J, Hanika

Investigation of the production of gasoline blending component free of sulfur ( 665,73 KB, pdf)

J. Hancsók, Sz. Magyar, K. V. S. Nguyen, L. Keresztúry and L. Valkai

Modeling and simulation of steam crackers ( 640,64 KB, pdf)

T. Gál and B. G. Lakatos

Influence of cyclohexane on oxygen transfer ( 575,72 KB, pdf)

J. Derco and A. Kovács

Model of filling-up, renewal and degradation of lubricating medium in the combustion engines ( 638,90 KB, pdf)

J. Stodola