Volume 45, 2003

Volume 45, 2003, Issue 1-2

"Experimental and theoretical study of optical and electrochemical properties of novel alkyl substituted 2,3-diaza-1,3-butadiene bithienyls" has no version set!
Catalytic transalkylation of trimethylbenzenes with toluene ( 285 KB, pdf)

Hanika J., Smejkal Q., Krejci, A. , Kolena J., Kubička D.

Experimental solubility determination of acid gases in dga and mdea ( , )

Morteza Tajerian and Javad Alaei

Destruction of oil pollution by microorganisms of peat ( , )

L. Stakhina, T. Burmistrova, T. Alekseeva

South-moravian lignite – potential source of humic substances ( 333 KB, pdf)

Jiří Kučerík, Miloslav Pekař, Martina Klučáková

Etherification of glycerol ( 70 KB, pdf)

K.Klepáčová, D.Mravec, E.Hájeková, M.Bajus

Gamma-alumina modified by acidification as an acidic catalyst for petrochemical processes ( 348 KB, pdf)

Vendelín Macho, Ľudovít Jureček, Ladislav Komora, Emília Jurečeková, Eva Komorova

On the structural effects of the head-to-tail coupled oligo (3-alkylthiophenes) on their optical properties ( 314 KB, pdf)

Vladimír Lukeš, Zuzana Cibulková, Silvia Vlčková

Equilibrium data determination for system of methane and heptane ( 1 MB, pdf)

J. Alaei and M. Tajerian

A feasibility study for bioreduction of petroleum compounds in refinery sewage sludge using composting ( 2 MB, pdf)

Eva Chmielewská and Alica Eszényiová

Performance comparison of conventional and y-zeolite-containing hydrotreatment catalyst in hydrorefining of middle fuel distillates derived from different sources ( 3 MB, pdf)

P. Michalica, A. Smiešková, P. Hudec, R. Ráczová, J. Ambro

The study of coke formation during copyrolysis of hexadecane, cyclohexane, and isooctane ( 1 MB, pdf)

Elena Hájeková and Martin Bajus

Effective diffusivities of water vapours and heptane vapours in particles of molecular sieves 4a and 5a ( 2 MB, pdf)

Daniel Bobok and Eva Besedová

Hydrocarbon technologies ( 69 KB, pdf)

Martin Bajus

Volume 45, 2003, Issue 3-4

Synthesis of premium motor fuel from middle distillates with high content of thiophene and dibezothiophene ( 648 KB, pdf)

D. G. Aksenov, O. V. Klimov and G. V. Echevsky

Diffusional mass transfer of ethanol vaporous in particular of activated carbons ( 673 KB, pdf)

B. Bobok and E. Besedova

A new method of the organic waste treatment, concerning waste oil, mixed plastics waste, oil sludge and pcbs waste processing with simultaneous recovery of hydrocarbons ( 735 KB, pdf)

I. Madar and M. Juriga

Alkylation of benzene by linear a-olefins c16 over dealuminated y-zeolites and mordenites ( 632 KB, pdf)

A. Nociar, P. Hudec, T. Jakubík, A. Smieskova and Z. Zidek

Shear viscosity and dielectric permittivity in asphalt modified by sbs ( 691 KB, pdf)

Z. Vlachovicova, J. Stastna and L. Zanzotto

Production of unsaturated, hydrogenated and aromatized oligoolefin bases of synthetic lubricants ( 565 KB, pdf)

P. E. Matkovskii, G. P. Startseva, V. I. Savchenko, S. M. Aldoshin, V. N. Troitskii, M. A. Demidov, V. G. Schamsutditov, G. L. Ilyasov, Dj. Michailovich and K. Jotanovich

Prediction of physical properties of hydrocarbons and petroleum fractions by a new group-contribution method ( 634 KB, pdf)

N. Skander and C.E. Chitour

Liquefaction of brown coals of kansk-achinks fiels in conditions of high-sped heating ( 643 KB, pdf)

A. P. Soldatov and O. P. Parenago

Continuous hydrogen production via fermentation of synthesis gas ( 663 KB, pdf)

G. Najafpour, H. Younesi and A. R. Mohamed

The role of additives in reducing fluid catalytic cracking sox and nox emissions ( 986 KB, pdf)

A. Vierheilig and M. Evans

A rigorous model of ethylene pyrolysis and its applications ( 600 KB, pdf)

P. Zámostný and Z. Belohlav

Deep hydrodesulphurisation of gas oils ( 629 KB, pdf)

Z. Varga and J. Hancsók

Design of caustic wash system for light hydrocarbons such as lpg , ngl and naphtha ( 604 KB, pdf)

K. Ghanbari, K. Razmkhah and M. Tajerian

Chemical recycling of waste polyethylene and polypropylene ( 667 KB, pdf)

N. Miskolczi, L. Bartha, Gy. Deák and B. Jóver

Headspace solid-phase microextraction of atmospheric organic aerosols ( 706 KB, pdf)

M. Kirchner, E. Matisová, P. Kotianová,  J. Leško†,and H. Puxbaum

Fcc feed fractionation. an analysis of contributions and selectivities of distillation cuts to overall conversion ( 589 KB, pdf)

M. E. Mariaca-Dominguez, S. Rodriguez-Salomón and D. Salazar-Sotelo

On the energetics and torsional effects of selected n,n-substituted p-phenylenediamines ( 628 KB, pdf)

V. Lukeš and Z. Cibulková

Kinetics of dicyclopentadiene hydrogenation using pd/c catalyst ( 678 KB, pdf)

D. Skála and J, Hanika

Investigation of the production of gasoline blending component free of sulfur ( 666 KB, pdf)

J. Hancsók, Sz. Magyar, K. V. S. Nguyen, L. Keresztúry and L. Valkai

Modeling and simulation of steam crackers ( 641 KB, pdf)

T. Gál and B. G. Lakatos

Influence of cyclohexane on oxygen transfer ( 576 KB, pdf)

J. Derco and A. Kovács

Model of filling-up, renewal and degradation of lubricating medium in the combustion engines ( 639 KB, pdf)

J. Stodola