Volume 46, 2004

Volume 46, 2004, Issue 3

Catalytic flameless combustion of fuels - a promising ecologically clean method for obtaining energy and its use for neutralization of toxic organic compounds ( 56,24 KB, pdf)

V.F. Tretyakov ., V.A. Sadykov, K.A. Chernyshov

Determination of chlorinated ethenes in water using headspace solid phase microcolumn extraction combined with thermal desorption in gc injection port ( 142,81 KB, pdf)

Peter Tolgyessy, Jan Hrivnak, Katarina Silharova

Enhancement of fts activity and selectivity by introducing co during catalyst reduction ( 83,69 KB, pdf)

F. Torabi , A. Karimi, A. Tavasoli

The oxidative dehydrogenation of methyl isobutyrate to methyl methacrylate ( 174,34 KB, pdf)

Vendelin Macho, Milan Kralik, Viola Chroma, Jarmila Cingelova, Jozef Mikulec

Solving problems in real zeoforming plant using laboratory tests of commercial catalysts ( 96,20 KB, pdf)

Ludwik Kornblit, Antoni Marchut, Lukasz Jeczmionek, Stefan Bozek, Leszek Lenartowicz, Grazyna Mikrut

Oxidation stability of lubricants measured by a pdsc technique ( 64,89 KB, pdf)

Jaroslav Cerny, Miroslav Zelinka

Direct hydroxylation of benzene to phenol ( 62,61 KB, pdf)

Michal Bahidsky and Milan Hronec

Composition and properties of solid alkanes extracted from a waxy petroleum fluids ( 102,24 KB, pdf)

V.C.Kandwal, H.U.Khan, S.P.Nautiyal, R.C.Purohit and K.M.Agrawal

Production of vegetable oil fatty acid methyl esters from used frying oil by combined acidical/alkali transesterification ( 123,17 KB, pdf)

J. Hancsok, F. Kovacs, M. Krar

Separation and identification of isomeric hydrocarbons by capillary gas chromatography and hyphenated spectrometric techniques ( 999,46 KB, pdf)

Ladislav Sojak