Volume 51, 2009

Volume 51, 2009, Issue 2

Utilizing chemical additives to reduce the side effects caused by combustion of fuel oil ( 493,30 KB, pdf)

M. Rahhal, A. Ghata, Y. Hourieh

Support effect in hydrodesulfurization over ruthenium sulfide ( 261,04 KB, pdf)

Daniela Gulková, Luděk Kaluža, Zdeněk Vít, Miroslav Zdražil

Dependence of visbreaker residue properties on unit operation severity and the residual fuel oil specification ( 338,13 KB, pdf)

D. Stratiev, N. Nikolaev

Catalyst advances promote production of near zero sulphur diesel ( 327,24 KB, pdf)

I.Vergov, I.Shishkova

Effect of pressure on height of regenerator dense bed in an FCCU ( 399,53 KB, pdf)

Praveen CH, Shishir Sinha

Development of the engine oil seal compatibility test ( 680,78 KB, pdf)

Richard Sági, Norbert Miskolszi, László Bartha, Jenő Baladincz

Real time optimization as a tool for increasing petroleum refineies profits ( 283,83 KB, pdf)

Saeid Shokri, Reza Hayati, Mahdi Ahmadi Marvast, Mohammad Ayazi, Hamid Ganji

Steady-state and dynamic simulation of crude oil distillation using aspen plus and aspen dynamics ( 1,23 MB, pdf)

Juma Haydary, Tomáš Pavlík

Effects of oil field scale deposition on oil production from horizontal wells ( 641,69 KB, pdf)

Olufemi A. Bamidele, Olugbenga A. Falode and Olusegun Omole

Upgrading of delayed coker light naphtha in a crude oil refinery ( 330,95 KB, pdf)

Attila Lengyel, Szabolcs Magyar, Jenő Hancsók

A prediction of micum strength of metallurgical coke using ruhr dilatometric parameters of parent coals ( 233,14 KB, pdf)

A. O. Adeleke, A.O. Olulana, A.B. Adahama, R.S. Makan, S.A. Ibitoye

A preliminary understanding of the gas-liquid reaction between so2, nox containing gas and heteropoly compound solution ( 246,24 KB, pdf)

Rui Wang, Gaofei Zhang, Luming Qiu, Haixia Zhao

Phillips named head of global business development at clariant oil services ( 44,02 KB, pdf)
KIEFEL Extrusion with new web presence ( 10,31 KB, pdf)
Messe Düsseldorf develops strategic concept “MEDICA 2015” with partners ( 13,40 KB, pdf)
Norres food hoses meet new food regulations effective from may 2009. Consumer protection a top priority ( 28,74 KB, pdf)

Volume 51, 2009, Issue 3

Transesterification of triacylglycerols over calcium oxide as heterogeneous catalyst ( 372,44 KB, pdf)

Jozef Lengyel, Zuzana Cvengrošová, Ján Cvengroš

A comparative study for the simulation of industrial naphtha reforming reactors with considering pressure drop on catalyst ( 387,29 KB, pdf)

Jamshid Behin*, Hamid Reza Kavianpour

Research advances in oxidative desulfurization technologies for the production of low sulfur fuel oils ( 345,73 KB, pdf)

Gaofei Zhang, Fengli Yu, Rui Wang*

Novel method for estimation of kinetic parameters in vgo cracking ( 458,98 KB, pdf)

Praveen Ch, Shishir Sinha

Breakthrough curve studies of purolite a-400 in an adsorption column ( 227,98 KB, pdf)

Somayeh Kananpanah, Mohammad Ayazi, Hossein Abolghasemi

Prediction of nigerian crude oil viscosity using artificial neural network ( 322,63 KB, pdf)

O. Omole, O. A. Falode* and Deng A. Deng

Experimental study on recovery of spent hydrocracking catalyst ( 229,31 KB, pdf)

A. Dehghani*, Kh. Forsat, Kh. Mohammadbeigy, S. H. Boroojerdi

Development of deposit control additives for diesel fuel ( 356,02 KB, pdf)

M. Bubálik, Á. Beck, J. Baladincz, J. Hancsók

Simple method for analysis of unmetabolized btex in urine samples ( 283,95 KB, pdf)

Ján Hrivňák and Eva Kráľovičová

Implementation of brooks and corey correlation in extremely water-wet case – with immobile wetting phase ( 253,13 KB, pdf)

Muhammad Khurram Zahoor, Mohd. Nawi Derahman, Mat Hussin Yunan

Bioplastics added to rtp company's specialty compound product families ( 58,93 KB, pdf)
Long fiber compound from rtp company adds strength and style to atv wheels ( 95,56 KB, pdf)
It’s always k time! - nine years of success on the market ( 13,93 KB, pdf)
Russia: good long-term prospects inspire confidence in plastics and rubber market ( 13,25 KB, pdf)

Volume 51, 2009, Issue 4

Establishing the reasons and type of the enhanced corrosion in the crude oil atmospheric distillation unit ( 456,21 KB, pdf)

Nedialka Petkova, Mariyana Angelova, Petko Petkov

Improved liquid phase separator with clean-up column for water analysis ( 268,63 KB, pdf)

Peter Tölgyessy, Mikuláš Bartal, Ján Hrivňák

Investigation on visbreaking-residue and finished fuel oil product closed cup flash point ( 261,78 KB, pdf)

Dicho Stratiev

A novel cement slurry design applicable to horizontal well conditions ( 328,64 KB, pdf)

Reza Salehi, and Abouzar Mirzaei Paiaman

Statistical analysis of geochemical distribution of major and trace elements of the maastrichtian coal measures in the anambra basin, Nigeria ( 383,83 KB, pdf)

Jude E. Ogala, Mike I. Akaegbobi, Omolemo O. Omo-Irabor, and Robert B. Finkelman

Relation between cationic exchange capacity, clay swelling and chemical formation damage of petroleum reservoir ( 497,04 KB, pdf)

Abouzar Mirzaei Paiaman

Development of control system for nickel–containing catalyst in dienes hydrogenation ( 618,29 KB, pdf)

A.V. Kravtsov, V.A. Zuev, I.A. Kozlov, A.V. Milishnikov, E.D. Ivanchina, E.M. Uriev, E.N. Ivashkina, V.A. Fetisova, I.O. Shnidorova

Opportunities for gasoline octane increase by use of iron containing octane booster ( 252,06 KB, pdf)

D. Stratiev, K. Kirilov

Non-lubricant related compounds in used mineral oils ( 385,18 KB, pdf)

Jozef Lengyel, Ján Cvengroš

Investigation on effectiveness parameters in residue upgrading methods ( 310,79 KB, pdf)

A. Dehghani, M. Sattarin, H. Bridjanian, Kh. Mohamadbeigy

Studying on effectives parameters on gas adsorption in chelated iron solution ( 225,95 KB, pdf)

Kh. Forsat, Kh. Mohamadbeigy, A. Dehghani

Polymers in photovoltaics ( 193,57 KB, pdf)
New crosscut blade system for effective and energy-efficient shredding ( 194,09 KB, pdf)
Medical technology suppliers impress the crowds with innovative materials, systems and services ( 198,85 KB, pdf)
Vario cold runner and flowcontrol+ cold runner ( 388,70 KB, pdf)
Rtp company high gravity compound improves performance of golf discs ( 186,64 KB, pdf)