Volume 51, 2009

Volume 51, 2009, Issue 2

Utilizing chemical additives to reduce the side effects caused by combustion of fuel oil ( 493 KB, pdf)

M. Rahhal, A. Ghata, Y. Hourieh

Support effect in hydrodesulfurization over ruthenium sulfide ( 261 KB, pdf)

Daniela Gulková, Luděk Kaluža, Zdeněk Vít, Miroslav Zdražil

Dependence of visbreaker residue properties on unit operation severity and the residual fuel oil specification ( 338 KB, pdf)

D. Stratiev, N. Nikolaev

Catalyst advances promote production of near zero sulphur diesel ( 327 KB, pdf)

I.Vergov, I.Shishkova

Effect of pressure on height of regenerator dense bed in an FCCU ( 400 KB, pdf)

Praveen CH, Shishir Sinha

Development of the engine oil seal compatibility test ( 681 KB, pdf)

Richard Sági, Norbert Miskolszi, László Bartha, Jenő Baladincz

Real time optimization as a tool for increasing petroleum refineies profits ( 284 KB, pdf)

Saeid Shokri, Reza Hayati, Mahdi Ahmadi Marvast, Mohammad Ayazi, Hamid Ganji

Steady-state and dynamic simulation of crude oil distillation using aspen plus and aspen dynamics ( 1 MB, pdf)

Juma Haydary, Tomáš Pavlík

Effects of oil field scale deposition on oil production from horizontal wells ( 642 KB, pdf)

Olufemi A. Bamidele, Olugbenga A. Falode and Olusegun Omole

Upgrading of delayed coker light naphtha in a crude oil refinery ( 331 KB, pdf)

Attila Lengyel, Szabolcs Magyar, Jenő Hancsók

A prediction of micum strength of metallurgical coke using ruhr dilatometric parameters of parent coals ( 233 KB, pdf)

A. O. Adeleke, A.O. Olulana, A.B. Adahama, R.S. Makan, S.A. Ibitoye

A preliminary understanding of the gas-liquid reaction between so2, nox containing gas and heteropoly compound solution ( 246 KB, pdf)

Rui Wang, Gaofei Zhang, Luming Qiu, Haixia Zhao

Phillips named head of global business development at clariant oil services ( 44 KB, pdf)
KIEFEL Extrusion with new web presence ( 10 KB, pdf)
Messe Düsseldorf develops strategic concept “MEDICA 2015” with partners ( 13 KB, pdf)
Norres food hoses meet new food regulations effective from may 2009. Consumer protection a top priority ( 29 KB, pdf)

Volume 51, 2009, Issue 3

Transesterification of triacylglycerols over calcium oxide as heterogeneous catalyst ( 372 KB, pdf)

Jozef Lengyel, Zuzana Cvengrošová, Ján Cvengroš

A comparative study for the simulation of industrial naphtha reforming reactors with considering pressure drop on catalyst ( 387 KB, pdf)

Jamshid Behin*, Hamid Reza Kavianpour

Research advances in oxidative desulfurization technologies for the production of low sulfur fuel oils ( 346 KB, pdf)

Gaofei Zhang, Fengli Yu, Rui Wang*

Novel method for estimation of kinetic parameters in vgo cracking ( 459 KB, pdf)

Praveen Ch, Shishir Sinha

Breakthrough curve studies of purolite a-400 in an adsorption column ( 228 KB, pdf)

Somayeh Kananpanah, Mohammad Ayazi, Hossein Abolghasemi

Prediction of nigerian crude oil viscosity using artificial neural network ( 323 KB, pdf)

O. Omole, O. A. Falode* and Deng A. Deng

Experimental study on recovery of spent hydrocracking catalyst ( 229 KB, pdf)

A. Dehghani*, Kh. Forsat, Kh. Mohammadbeigy, S. H. Boroojerdi

Development of deposit control additives for diesel fuel ( 356 KB, pdf)

M. Bubálik, Á. Beck, J. Baladincz, J. Hancsók

Simple method for analysis of unmetabolized btex in urine samples ( 284 KB, pdf)

Ján Hrivňák and Eva Kráľovičová

Implementation of brooks and corey correlation in extremely water-wet case – with immobile wetting phase ( 253 KB, pdf)

Muhammad Khurram Zahoor, Mohd. Nawi Derahman, Mat Hussin Yunan

Bioplastics added to rtp company's specialty compound product families ( 59 KB, pdf)
Long fiber compound from rtp company adds strength and style to atv wheels ( 96 KB, pdf)
It’s always k time! - nine years of success on the market ( 14 KB, pdf)
Russia: good long-term prospects inspire confidence in plastics and rubber market ( 13 KB, pdf)

Volume 51, 2009, Issue 4

Establishing the reasons and type of the enhanced corrosion in the crude oil atmospheric distillation unit ( 456 KB, pdf)

Nedialka Petkova, Mariyana Angelova, Petko Petkov

Improved liquid phase separator with clean-up column for water analysis ( 269 KB, pdf)

Peter Tölgyessy, Mikuláš Bartal, Ján Hrivňák

Investigation on visbreaking-residue and finished fuel oil product closed cup flash point ( 262 KB, pdf)

Dicho Stratiev

A novel cement slurry design applicable to horizontal well conditions ( 329 KB, pdf)

Reza Salehi, and Abouzar Mirzaei Paiaman

Statistical analysis of geochemical distribution of major and trace elements of the maastrichtian coal measures in the anambra basin, Nigeria ( 384 KB, pdf)

Jude E. Ogala, Mike I. Akaegbobi, Omolemo O. Omo-Irabor, and Robert B. Finkelman

Relation between cationic exchange capacity, clay swelling and chemical formation damage of petroleum reservoir ( 497 KB, pdf)

Abouzar Mirzaei Paiaman

Development of control system for nickel–containing catalyst in dienes hydrogenation ( 618 KB, pdf)

A.V. Kravtsov, V.A. Zuev, I.A. Kozlov, A.V. Milishnikov, E.D. Ivanchina, E.M. Uriev, E.N. Ivashkina, V.A. Fetisova, I.O. Shnidorova

Opportunities for gasoline octane increase by use of iron containing octane booster ( 252 KB, pdf)

D. Stratiev, K. Kirilov

Non-lubricant related compounds in used mineral oils ( 385 KB, pdf)

Jozef Lengyel, Ján Cvengroš

Investigation on effectiveness parameters in residue upgrading methods ( 311 KB, pdf)

A. Dehghani, M. Sattarin, H. Bridjanian, Kh. Mohamadbeigy

Studying on effectives parameters on gas adsorption in chelated iron solution ( 226 KB, pdf)

Kh. Forsat, Kh. Mohamadbeigy, A. Dehghani

Polymers in photovoltaics ( 194 KB, pdf)
New crosscut blade system for effective and energy-efficient shredding ( 194 KB, pdf)
Medical technology suppliers impress the crowds with innovative materials, systems and services ( 199 KB, pdf)
Vario cold runner and flowcontrol+ cold runner ( 389 KB, pdf)
Rtp company high gravity compound improves performance of golf discs ( 187 KB, pdf)