Volume 52, 2010

Volume 52, 2010, Issue 2

Reactor block operation analysis and efficiency prediction in paraffins dehydrogenation process with use of technological modeling system ( 557 KB, pdf)

A. V. Kravtsov, E. D. Ivanchina, E. N. Ivashkina, I. O. Shnidorova, I. M. Dolganov

Effect of the heating method on the performance of hydrodesulphurization reactive column ( 294 KB, pdf)

Hamid Reza Mahdipoor, Keyvan Khorsand, Javad Alaei, Morteza Tajerian

In-situ combustion process, one of ior methods livening the reservoirs ( 584 KB, pdf)

Ghafoor Karimi, Arvin Khadem Samimi

Simulator development of industrial process of normal alkanes c9-c14 dehydrogenation using methods of quantum chemistry ( 536 KB, pdf)

E. V. Frantsina, J. I. Afanasjeva, E. D. Ivanchina, E. N. Ivashkina, A. V. Kravtsov, V. A. Zuev, I. A. Kozlov, A. V. Milishnikov

Investigation of novel methods to improve the storage stability and low temperature susceptivity of polyethylene modified bitumens ( 255 KB, pdf)

S. Hassan Firoozifar, Yashar Azimi Alamdary, Orang Farzaneh

The paleoenvironmental significance of pyritic nodules from lokpanta oil shale interval in the petroleum system of lower benue trough, Nigeria ( 2 MB, pdf)

O. A. Ehinola, Qin Shengfei, A. A. Onibonoje

Sedimentation of ion exchange resin particles in bitumen matrices ( 439 KB, pdf)

Michaela Svitoková, Pavol Daučík, Karol Balog

Preparation and enhancing of materials using ultrasound technique: polymers, catalysts and nano-structure particles ( 1 MB, pdf)

R. Abedini, S. M. Mousavi

Application of membrane in gas separation processes: its suitability and mechanisms ( 701 KB, pdf)

Reza Abedini, Amir Nezhadmoghadam

Reliability and safety analysis of the process plant ( 316 KB, pdf)

Jelenka B. Savkovic-Stevanovic

Polymers in solar modules ( 23 KB, pdf)
Rtp company's very long fiber composite improves performance of small-scale wind turbine blades ( 16 KB, pdf)
LUVOCOM® adds a touch of Colour ( 59 KB, pdf)
Plastics industry has plenty of innovations in store for the upturn in the construction sector ( 384 KB, pdf)
New language version for campus online datasheets ( 43 KB, pdf)

Volume 52, 2010, Issue 4

Prospectivity evaluation of “usso” field, onshore niger delta basin, using 3-d seismic and well log data ( 697 KB, pdf)

A .I. Opara

Kinetics of thermal dimerizations of cyclopentadiene and methylcyclopentadienes and their codimerization ( 556 KB, pdf)

Jiří Krupka

Promoted platinum dehydrogenation catalyst on a nano- sized gamma alumina support ( 1 MB, pdf)

Mandana Akia, Seyed Mahdi Alavi, Zi-Feng Yan

Syntheses of methylenedianilines over the zeolite catalysts ( 394 KB, pdf)

Jiří Trejbal

Use of coal fly ash as a catalyst in the production of biodiesel ( 584 KB, pdf)

Omotola Babajide, Leslie Petrik, Nicholas Musyoka, Bamikole Amigun, Farouk Ameer

Regenerated humic acids obtained by the air oxidation of south moravian lignite. part. 2. thermoanalytical characterization of products ( 401 KB, pdf)

Zdeněk Cihlář, Jiří Kučerík

Float-sink desulfurization of high-sulfur coal from puan county, guizhou province, prc ( 331 KB, pdf)

Tian Yingzhong, Zhang Qin, Tang Yun, Qiu Yueqin, Liu Zhihong , He Tin, Zhao Peiliang Huang Xiaofen , Shi Ren, Tiancun XIAO

Investigation on effects of rock-fluid properties on the sagd production profile in naturally fractured reservoir (nfr) ( 318 KB, pdf)

Investigation on effects of rock-fluid properties on the sagd production profile in naturally fractured reservoir (nfr)
Hani Hashemi Kiasari, Mojtaba Mortazavi Kiasari, Behnam Sedaee Sola

New multi-solid thermodynamic model for improved cloud point prediction of waxy crudes ( 438 KB, pdf)

Adeyanju Olusiji A. and Oyekunle Layioye O.

Chromatographic characteristics and identification of methyldicyclopentadiene and dimethyldicyclopentadiene isomers ( 336 KB, pdf)

Jiří Krupka, Josef Pašek

Flue gas desulfurization methods to conserve the environment ( 245 KB, pdf)

A.Dehghani, H.Bridjanian

Higher productivity through flexible coextrusion ( 13 KB, pdf)
New magbox inline magnet is a hot topic ( 157 KB, pdf)
Clariant wins pre-salt deepwater contract from petrobras ( 25 KB, pdf)
Rtp company's custom tpe compounds provide watertight seal for wiring harnesses ( 15 KB, pdf)
Russian economy picks up and records growth in the rubber and plastics industry ( 23 KB, pdf)
Ever more complex medical technologies represent an extreme challenge for suppliers ( 36 KB, pdf)
Profitable profile extrusion ( 13 KB, pdf)