Volume 52, 2010

Volume 52, 2010, Issue 2

Reactor block operation analysis and efficiency prediction in paraffins dehydrogenation process with use of technological modeling system ( 556,67 KB, pdf)

A. V. Kravtsov, E. D. Ivanchina, E. N. Ivashkina, I. O. Shnidorova, I. M. Dolganov

Effect of the heating method on the performance of hydrodesulphurization reactive column ( 294,15 KB, pdf)

Hamid Reza Mahdipoor, Keyvan Khorsand, Javad Alaei, Morteza Tajerian

In-situ combustion process, one of ior methods livening the reservoirs ( 583,71 KB, pdf)

Ghafoor Karimi, Arvin Khadem Samimi

Simulator development of industrial process of normal alkanes c9-c14 dehydrogenation using methods of quantum chemistry ( 535,55 KB, pdf)

E. V. Frantsina, J. I. Afanasjeva, E. D. Ivanchina, E. N. Ivashkina, A. V. Kravtsov, V. A. Zuev, I. A. Kozlov, A. V. Milishnikov

Investigation of novel methods to improve the storage stability and low temperature susceptivity of polyethylene modified bitumens ( 254,93 KB, pdf)

S. Hassan Firoozifar, Yashar Azimi Alamdary, Orang Farzaneh

The paleoenvironmental significance of pyritic nodules from lokpanta oil shale interval in the petroleum system of lower benue trough, Nigeria ( 1,63 MB, pdf)

O. A. Ehinola, Qin Shengfei, A. A. Onibonoje

Sedimentation of ion exchange resin particles in bitumen matrices ( 439,29 KB, pdf)

Michaela Svitoková, Pavol Daučík, Karol Balog

Preparation and enhancing of materials using ultrasound technique: polymers, catalysts and nano-structure particles ( 1,41 MB, pdf)

R. Abedini, S. M. Mousavi

Application of membrane in gas separation processes: its suitability and mechanisms ( 701,30 KB, pdf)

Reza Abedini, Amir Nezhadmoghadam

Reliability and safety analysis of the process plant ( 315,90 KB, pdf)

Jelenka B. Savkovic-Stevanovic

Polymers in solar modules ( 23,46 KB, pdf)
Rtp company's very long fiber composite improves performance of small-scale wind turbine blades ( 16,33 KB, pdf)
LUVOCOM® adds a touch of Colour ( 59,37 KB, pdf)
Plastics industry has plenty of innovations in store for the upturn in the construction sector ( 383,68 KB, pdf)
New language version for campus online datasheets ( 42,86 KB, pdf)

Volume 52, 2010, Issue 3

Factors increasing corrosion rates of oil field pipes and their inhibition ( 229,28 KB, pdf)

Tarik Mohammed

Pyrolysis of woody material ( 277,64 KB, pdf)

Martin Bajus

Elaboration of application methods for trice oil emulsions and oil-slimes ( 273,44 KB, pdf)

Tatiana N. Bokovikova, Elizar R. Shperber, David R. Shperber, Svetlana S. Volkova

Modeling of wax deposition during oil production using a two-phase flash calculation ( 365,56 KB, pdf)

Fadairo Adesina, Ameloko Anthony, Ako Churchill, Duyilemi Olawale

Modeling, simulation and optimization of fcc downer reactor ( 451,61 KB, pdf)

Vijay Kumar Koratiya, Sunil Kumar and Shishir Sinha

Means against settlement of deposits ( 571,87 KB, pdf)

Petr Buryan, Jan Vošta, Stanislav Vodrážka, Lukáš Svozil

A simple molar flow modeling and simulation of catalytic beds in claus process ( 571,73 KB, pdf)

R. Abedini, M. Koolivand Salooki

Thermal cracking of the model seven components mixed plastics into oils/waxes ( 288,69 KB, pdf)

Martin Bajus, Elena Hájeková

LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds as replacements for metal ( 37,04 KB, pdf)
Powerful cooperation between blow molding equipment manufacturers ( 15,32 KB, pdf)
From nano-raw dental implants to intelligent telemedicine – high innovation speed in medical technology ( 36,12 KB, pdf)
Braskem inaugurates the world’s largest green ethylene plant ( 17,03 KB, pdf)
Two worlds unite – woven fabric meets ffs ( 36,28 KB, pdf)
Bioplastics award 2010 ( 33,03 KB, pdf)

Bioplastics award 2010

Volume 52, 2010, Issue 4

Prospectivity evaluation of “usso” field, onshore niger delta basin, using 3-d seismic and well log data ( 697,39 KB, pdf)

A .I. Opara

Kinetics of thermal dimerizations of cyclopentadiene and methylcyclopentadienes and their codimerization ( 555,51 KB, pdf)

Jiří Krupka

Promoted platinum dehydrogenation catalyst on a nano- sized gamma alumina support ( 1,49 MB, pdf)

Mandana Akia, Seyed Mahdi Alavi, Zi-Feng Yan

Syntheses of methylenedianilines over the zeolite catalysts ( 394,00 KB, pdf)

Jiří Trejbal

Use of coal fly ash as a catalyst in the production of biodiesel ( 583,50 KB, pdf)

Omotola Babajide, Leslie Petrik, Nicholas Musyoka, Bamikole Amigun, Farouk Ameer

Regenerated humic acids obtained by the air oxidation of south moravian lignite. part. 2. thermoanalytical characterization of products ( 401,00 KB, pdf)

Zdeněk Cihlář, Jiří Kučerík

Float-sink desulfurization of high-sulfur coal from puan county, guizhou province, prc ( 330,50 KB, pdf)

Tian Yingzhong, Zhang Qin, Tang Yun, Qiu Yueqin, Liu Zhihong , He Tin, Zhao Peiliang Huang Xiaofen , Shi Ren, Tiancun XIAO

Investigation on effects of rock-fluid properties on the sagd production profile in naturally fractured reservoir (nfr) ( 318,00 KB, pdf)

Investigation on effects of rock-fluid properties on the sagd production profile in naturally fractured reservoir (nfr)
Hani Hashemi Kiasari, Mojtaba Mortazavi Kiasari, Behnam Sedaee Sola

New multi-solid thermodynamic model for improved cloud point prediction of waxy crudes ( 437,50 KB, pdf)

Adeyanju Olusiji A. and Oyekunle Layioye O.

Chromatographic characteristics and identification of methyldicyclopentadiene and dimethyldicyclopentadiene isomers ( 336,00 KB, pdf)

Jiří Krupka, Josef Pašek

Flue gas desulfurization methods to conserve the environment ( 245,00 KB, pdf)

A.Dehghani, H.Bridjanian

Higher productivity through flexible coextrusion ( 13,00 KB, pdf)
New magbox inline magnet is a hot topic ( 156,50 KB, pdf)
Clariant wins pre-salt deepwater contract from petrobras ( 24,50 KB, pdf)
Rtp company's custom tpe compounds provide watertight seal for wiring harnesses ( 15,00 KB, pdf)
Russian economy picks up and records growth in the rubber and plastics industry ( 22,50 KB, pdf)
Ever more complex medical technologies represent an extreme challenge for suppliers ( 36,00 KB, pdf)
Profitable profile extrusion ( 13,00 KB, pdf)