Volume 53, 2011

Volume 53, 2011, Issue 1

Composition and structure of luxing coal with different particle sizes yueqin qiu qin zhang yingzhong tian jie zhang jianxin c ( 2,00 MB, pdf)
Production of formed coke from nigerian coals a. jauro, c. j. chukwu, pp.22-25 ( 249,43 KB, pdf)
Simulation of separation of valuable components from tehran refinery flare stack gases ( 341,72 KB, pdf)

Jalal Zargaran, Majid Bahmani

Sensitivity analysis of a natural gas triethylene glycol dehydration plant in persian gulf region ( 289,16 KB, pdf)

Pezhman Kazemi , Roya Hamidi

Application of extraction and oxidative processes of model mixtures with aim to decreasing of unlikely components ( 340,15 KB, pdf)

Yordanka Ts. Tasheva

An improved version of calculating the pressure traverse in multiphase flow vertical pipe ( 581,65 KB, pdf)

Adekomaya Olufemi, Olafuyi Olalekan, Blankson Eyituoyo

Hydrocarbon potential of the upper cretaceous coal and shale units in the anambra basin, southeastern Nigeria ( 584,30 KB, pdf)

Jude E. Ogala

Simulation and kinetic modeling of vacuum residue soaker-visbreaking ( 322,19 KB, pdf)

S. Reza, Seif Mohaddecy, Sepehr Sadighi

Bottom of the barrel, an important challenge of the petroleum refining industry ( 538,22 KB, pdf)

H. Bridjanian, A. Khadem Samimi

Effects of pre-heating on the micum strength of coke from a coal blend including 5% of non-caking nigerian okaba coal ( 237,23 KB, pdf)

O.A. Olulana, A.A. Adeleke, A.B. Adahama, S.A. Ibitoye

Thermal cracking of mixtures of plastics and woodymaterial ( 266,54 KB, pdf)

Martin Bajus

Worldwide innovation at interpack 2011: line for fully automatic vacuum packing of heavy and bulky hard cheese blocks ( 26,95 KB, pdf)
New peek compounds even more tribologically effective ( 101,45 KB, pdf)
S+S fit for the future - corporate progression and growth secured ( 14,67 KB, pdf)
Clariant oil services business to present expertise in pipeline cleaning and corrosion control at ppim 2011 ( 43,63 KB, pdf)
Arabplast and tekno tube arabia attracted more than 18,000 visitors ( 76,72 KB, pdf)
High-strength components in tecatec - carbon fibre composites for use in medical technology ( 116,39 KB, pdf)

Volume 53, 2011, Issue 2

Profesor V. Veselý commemoration ( 447,63 KB, pdf)
Profesor Berezkin anniversary ( 54,51 KB, pdf)
Reclamation of used lubricating oils m.a. usman , o.g. kayode-sote, p. 159-166 ( 1,06 MB, pdf)
Investigation of bubble column hydrodynamics using cfd simulation (2d and 3d) and experimental validation mohammad irani, moham ( 523,38 KB, pdf)
Experimental study of the effect of temperature on the flow properties of normal oil basedolufemi. a. adekomaya, dolapo. m. anif ( 351,53 KB, pdf)
Quantitative structure–property relationship (QSPR) study of kovats retention indices of some of adamantane derivatives by the g ( 429,80 KB, pdf)
Experimental study and calculation of co2-oil relative permeability e. ghoodjani, s.h. bolouri, p 123-131 ( 692,69 KB, pdf)
Influence of water ions and aluminium silicate particles on emulsion resolution of crude oil Jamshid Behin, Shaghayegh Norouzi ( 717,05 KB, pdf)
Increasing the stability of bioethanol/gas oil emulsions by a new emulsion additive j. hancsók, z. eller, g. marsi, g. nagy ( 323,01 KB, pdf)
Thermal conversion of scrap tyres Martin Bajus, Natália Olahová, p. 98-105 ( 270,74 KB, pdf)
Aspects of refining biodiesel byproduct glycerin András Kovács p. 91-97 ( 399,40 KB, pdf)
Oxidative coupling of methane over different supported mn/na2wo4 catalysts hamid reza bozorgzadeh, reza ahmadi, mohammad m. golk ( 1,04 MB, pdf)
S+S metal detection systems guarantee cost effective and safe plastics recycling ( 53,70 KB, pdf)
Greiner extrusion presents first long-term results for the greiner energy saving system “GESS” ( 19,11 KB, pdf)
PIPENET® - leading the way in fluid flow analysis ( 211,57 KB, pdf)
NORRES extends its portfolio of electrically conductive hoses ( 67,23 KB, pdf)
Excellent feedback at the 5th compamed spring convention – a taste of things to come at compamed 2011 ( 270,34 KB, pdf)

Volume 53, 2011, Issue 3

Photooxidation and photochemical impact on crude petroleum and structural estimation of photoproducts dobromir yordanov, zlato ( 512,57 KB, pdf)
Spomienka na zosnulého profesora V. Macha ( 94,70 KB, pdf)
Rearrangement of 4-methyldicyclopentadiene to 2-methyldicyclopentadiene Jiří Krupka, p.233-237 ( 159,14 KB, pdf)
Performance evaluation of several solid heteropoly compounds as functional traps for nox removal, rui wang, p. 229-232 ( 257,94 KB, pdf)
Volumetric behavior of mixtures of different oil stocks, jabir shanshool, naseer habobi and shymaa kareem, p. 223-228 ( 542,28 KB, pdf)
The influence of mechanical effects on degradation of polyisobutylenes as drag reducing agents jabir shanshool, marwa f. abdul j ( 583,59 KB, pdf)
Mathematical optimization of non-coking coal inclusion in coking blend formulations a. a. adeleke, p. onumanyi, s.a. ibitoye, p ( 474,53 KB, pdf)
Simulation study of polymer flooding performance effect of clay minerals o.a. falode and afolabi, f.a, p.206-211 ( 545,20 KB, pdf)
Material transfer efficiency in the column multistage packed distillation and absorption columns tatjana.n.mosorinac, jelena j.d ( 608,77 KB, pdf)
Occurrence and profile of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in coal and shales from eastern nigeria jude .e. ogala and chukwujind ( 499,83 KB, pdf)
Modelling the effects of temperature and aging time on the rheological properties of drilling fluids, makinde f. a., adejumo a ( 1,43 MB, pdf)
NORRES manufactures products from renewable raw materials ( 22,90 KB, pdf)
Benzene achieves record sales – ceresana research publishes new market study ( 13,70 KB, pdf)
Rtp company receives usda certified biobased product label for two pla-based compounds ( 15,11 KB, pdf)
High tech solutions for medical technology ( 230,54 KB, pdf)
Frigel announces joint venture to start manufacturing in Asia ( 116,20 KB, pdf)

Volume 53, 2011, Issue 4

Evaluation and performance of natural gas storage in depleted gas reservoirs ( 718,65 KB, pdf)

Anthony Okwananke, B. Yekeen Adeboye, A. Lawal Sul

An evaluation of the hot aqueous caustic leaching of nigerian ondo tar sand ( 333,80 KB, pdf)

A. A. Adeleke, S. A. Ibitoye, C. B. Oladokun, K. M.

An experimental study of the effect of contaminants on the flow properties of oil based drilling mud ( 1,41 MB, pdf)

Adekomaya Olufemi and Olaf

Estimation of multiple sources of overpressures using vertical effective stress approach: case study of the niger delta, Nigeria ( 811,11 KB, pdf)
Reliability assessment of offshore jacket structures in niger delta ( 757,04 KB, pdf)

M.A. Salau, D.E. Esezobor, M. F. Omotoso

Boiling point distribution of crude oils based on tbp and astm d-86 distillation data ( 1,24 MB, pdf)

Angel Nedelchev, Dicho Stratiev, Atanas I

Prediction of the biodegradation of petroleum thiophene in the environmental ( 388,46 KB, pdf)

Yana K. Koleva, Petko Petkov, Yordanka Tasheva, p

Studies on the hot aqueous caustic de-ashing of nigerian lafia-obi coal ( 249,03 KB, pdf)

A. A. Adeleke, S. A. Ibitoye, A. A.Afonja, M. M. Chagg

Selectivity of metal, adsorbent, oxide, heteropolyacid catalysts for s-heterocycles during non-hydrodesulfurization of diesel fu ( 324,33 KB, pdf)
Development of computer modeling system as a tool for improvement of linear alkylbenzene production ( 657,13 KB, pdf)

Irena O. Dolganova, Igor M.

Temperature dependence of the dynamic viscosity of asphalt - polymer mixtures ( 315,59 KB, pdf)

Pavol Daučík, Marcela Hadvinová, Jozef Višňovský