• PatentsPatent file no. 277200

    Patent file no. 277200

    Additive into motor gasolines

    Document type:B6
    (21)Application No.:5058-89
    (22)Date of submission:31.8.1989
    (47)Date of publishing of the granted patent in the Bulletin:16.12.1992
    (51)International Patent Classification:C10L01/18,C10L01/22,C10L10/00
    (54)Name:Additive into motor gasolines
    (72)Author:Bratský Daniel ing. CSc., Bratislava, CS;
    Oravkin Juraj ing., Bratislava, CS;
    Zatloukal Zdeněk ing., Bratislava, CS;
    Fehér Pavol ing., Šamorín, CS;
    Mikula Oldřich ing. CSc., Bratislava, CS
    (71,73)Owner:Slovnaft VÚRUP, a. s., Bratislava, SK;
    (31)Priority number:5058/89
    (32)Date of priority:31.8.1989
    (33)Country code:CS
    (57)Annotation:An additive into low-lead and unleaded motor gasolines preventing formation of deposits inside the suction system of the engine and protecting the exhaust valve seats from recession, containing between 50 % and 98 % mass of the component A with the structural formula II and between 1 % and 30 % mass of the component C with the structural formula III, respectively.