• PatentsPatent file no. 278262

    Patent file no. 278262

    Degreasing agents

    Document type:B6
    (21)Application No.:3415-92
    (22)Date of submission:18.11.1992
    (40)Date of publishing of the application for a patent:6.7.1994
    (47)Date of publishing of the granted patent in the Bulletin:5.6.1996
    (51)International Patent Classification:C23G5/024,C23G5/032
    (54)Name:Degreasing liquids
    (72)Author:KLUCHO Pavol RNDr., Bratislava, SK;
    SPITZER Pavol Ing. CSc., Bratislava, SK;
    BARTEK Ľudovít Ing., Bratislava, SK;
    (71,73)Owner:Slovnaft VÚRUP, a. s., Bratislava, SK;
    (57)Annotation:Liquids for degreasing and rinsing of surface of diverse material contain at least 85 %-mass of straight-chain alkali hydrocarbons with carbon atoms count in one molecule C9 through C15, 1 through 8 % mass of oxygen compounds of the alcohol and/or ketone and/or ether type with the boiling temperature 150 °C, 0.01 through 0.1 % mass of antioxidant, 0.005% mass biocides and 0.001 through 0.01 % mass anti-froth additives.