Plant GWHP

it provides the physical performance of the following work:

  • continuous groundwater pumping to create the induced groundwater flow showing the required final parameters;
  • measurement of monitored parameters;
  • sampling in course of drilling and associated work herewith;
  • repumping and distribution of groundwater towards Slovnaft, a. s.;
  • groundwater treatment used for cooling;
  • exploiting free oil using a stable or mobile device, and passive skimmers,
  • repumping and transport of oil;
  • repumping of steam condensate into condensate main network;
  • clearing wells with and without oils, pits of pumping stations, groundwater pipings;
  • hydrodynamic tests of wells;
  • inspection and maintenance of wells on a regular basis, of pumping hardware, control fittings and technological units;
  • monitoring parameters of hydraulic depression at zones I, II, III, and at the HOPV inspection system;
  • visual records from wells;
  • emergency service – standby duty;
  • wells parametrization (airlifting, HDS, visualization),
  • keeping documents and archiving the primary documentation on the work carried out;
  • elaboration and assessment of work carried out in line with the legislation in force.