• Process safety and EnvironmentFunctional SafetyProcess Hazard Analysis – Functional Safety

    Process Hazard Analysis – Functional Safety


    • 4 specialists of Functional (FS Engineer, FS Professional)
    • Scope of Service

      • Preparation of HAZOP analysis, nodes specification, main deviations in SW PHA Pro
      • Moderation of HAZOP analysis in team, risk evaluation, proposal of measures
      • LOPA analysis, target SIL for individual SIF functions


      • Analysis of process risk using the method What If, HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA for new projects (in cooperation with designer companies such as INTECH, s. r. o., Chemproces, s. r. o. Kovoprojekta, s. r. o., Gasinex, s. r. o., Siemens, s. r. o., Tecnimont, OT Industries, DUSLO, a.s.)
      • HAZOP studies in English for VUCHT, Stercorat Hungary Kft., Qualitas International Inc.
      • PSM project for production units SLOVNAFT, a.s. – HAZOP/LOPA/Target SIL
      • HAZOP/LOPA/Target SIL for Poľnoservis, a.s., Leopoldov, DUSLO, a.s., Šaľa