Alycol TERMO


ALYCOL TERMO is to fill in into clean rinsed heat-transferring system in line with the manufacturer’s instruction. Before use, dilute Alycol Termo with water in the appropriate ratio for the desired point of congelation. The recommended change of filling after three years. The manufacturer provides consultancy and is not liable for damages caused by the improper use of the product.

It is mixable with similar liquids recommended for use at heat transferring systems that are being produced on the base of monoethylene glycol and monopropylene glycol. Its use for cooling circuits of the combustion engines is not recommended.

ALYCOL TERMO is to be diluted with distilled or drinking water. The recommended ratios are given in the table:

Part by volume Pour point °C
ALYCOL TERMO Distilled or drinking water
1 2 -20
1 1,5 -25
1 1 -37

General characteristics

ALYCOL TERMO is yellow-green liquid produced on the base of monoethylene glycol that, being a mix with distilled, demineralized or drinking water, has been designed as perennial content of the heat transferring systems in that the water may cause a damage on the system under influence of low temperature. Further it inhibits the corrosion and excipients which ensures the quality and their functional characteristics of the product. It is flammable of Class IV according to STN 65 0201.

Qualitative indicators
PN 25-194-98

Quality indicator Value
Density at 20 °C, g/cm3 1,11-1,14
pH value in the mixture with distilled water*
33% by vol. in distilled water
50% by volume ion distilled water
min. 7,5
Alkaline reserve, ml 0.1 M HCl min. 5
Ash content in % mass., max.** 3
Frothiness, 33 % by volume in distilled water*
froth volume in cm3, max.
froth stability in seconds, max.
Crystallizing point in the mixture with distilled water*
33% by vol., °C
max. –20
Loss of mass on the metal standard in mg, max.**:
cast iron

* The production guarantees the standardized values even if drinking water is used
** It is not tested, the values are guaranteed by the manufacturer

Work safety and health protection

ALYCOL TERMO is classified as harmful. The main component of Alycol TERMO is ethylene glycol, being harmful if swallowed, it is absorbed through skin and irritates it. It is necessary to void unintentional swallowing, spilling or eye contact. Use protection gloves at work. Do not eat, drink and smoke at work. After work, wash your hands with soap and water. Poisoning by ingestion is manifested by abdominal pain, vomiting, symptoms of drunkenness and faint.

First aid:

After ingestion: rinse the mouth with water, if the poisoned person is vomiting, place the poisoned to the aside position and call a medical help
If eyes are affected:flush the affected eye with plenty of water
In case of contact with skin:  wash with water and soap.

Product disposal:

The incineration with industrial waste is the recommended method for Alycol TERMO. If diluted 1:1000, it might be disposed at the biological stage of the waste water treatment plant after agreement with water supply authorities and sewage network administrator. Alycol TERMO is biodegradable to more than 90%.

Packaging and storage

ALYCOL TERMO is delivered in closed barrels, 10-liter-cans or into customer’s packaging. The guarantee period lasts 36 months from the date of production. Store separately from the food.


Alycol TERMO (227.50 KB, pdf)