Delubol 01


DELUBOL 01 is used for degreasing and rinsing products of machine, repair and electrical engineering industry. Degreasing and rinsing surfaces may be carried out at all types of washing and rinsing equipment designed for that purpose and fitted for different way of contact of the degreasing liquid with the product. The operation temperatures at degreasing or rinsing are of range between 20 and 50 °C. The degreasing and rinsing liquid meets very tight requirements on the products purity for further finishing of their surfaces.

General characteristics

DELUBOL 01 is a hydrocarbon liquid containing the refining agents. It doesn’t contain water nor mechanical impurities. The degreasing liquid shows excellent degreasing capacity and replaces the toxic degreasing means used till now, such as trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, petropal, technical petrol, and lacquer petroleum etc. It is an inflammable Class III, the explosion danger Group II  A.
Quality indicators
PN VÚRUP 019-03

Quality indicator Value
Density, kg/m3 730 - 750
Kinemat. viscosity at 20 °C (mm),2/s) 1,6 - 2,0
Flash point acc. to PM, °C, min. 65
Pour point oC, inform. - 21
Aromates content, ppm, inform. 800
Content of water and mechanical impurities not present
Sulfur content, ppm, inform. 0,2 – 10

Packaging and storage

DELUBOL 01 is delivered in barrels, containers or tankers. It is stored in tightly closed containers on sites protected from weather influence at -5 to +30 °C. The shelf life is 2 years from the date of production, if conditions are observed.

Work safety and health protection

The degreasing liquid DELUBOL 01 is not toxic. As to its impact on human body, it is classified as matter with the middle biological activity (II. B). When handling it, it is therefore necessary to use protective equipment (rubber gloves, goggles, protection dress etc.). The remaining product after its use is to be adsorbed in porous material (such as perlite) and incinerated. Do not eat, drink, smoke during handling the degreasing liquid and observe the hygienic rules as well as those of health protection at work using the petroleum products.


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