Disperbit R


Disperbit R is used for coating of concrete areas pretreated with penetration asphalt coating for further roofing and insulating work. The Disperbit R coatings are weather-tight and resistant to moisture. It is suitable for painting asphalt cardboards, house roofs as substrate for anti-reflexion coating. Before use, mix the lacquer throughly and dilute with industrial spirit or xylenes, respectively. Apply cold with a brush or roofing brush. The product is not intended for coating of surfaces in contact with drinking water or food. The average spreading rate depends on kind and application purpose 1 – 3 kg/m2 of painted surface.

General characteristics

Disperbit R contains construction-insulation asphalts in an organic solvent with inorganic fillers and containing adhesion enhancing and stabilization additives to assure increased resistance to weather conditions. It is liquid of middle viscosity, black color, without water. It is water insoluble. Disperbit R is flammable, Class II pursuant to STN 65 0201.

Quality indicators

PN VÚRUP 007 – 03

Quality indicator Value
Leaving time F4 at 23 oC, s. 50 - 120
Content of non-volatile matters, % vol., min. 55
Ash, % mass, max. 12

Work safety and health protection

As to its direct impact on human body, the Disperbit R is classified as matter with the middle biological activity (II. B). When handling it, it is therefore necessary to use protective equipment (twill dress, shoes, working gloves, goggles or protective shield). If skin is affected, wash the affected spot with water and soap and treat with restorative creams. Do not use petroleum products and solvents (gasoline, toluene, acetone etc.) to clean skin.

Packaging and storage

Disperbit R is delivered in 15 kg and 8 kg packaging, or other according to the customer’s requirements. Store in tightly closed containers at a weather-tight sites, protected from rain, dust, sunshine and direct influence of heating units. Thew might be stored even at temperatures bellow zero. It is forbidden to handle open flame at the storage area containing the organic solvents of Hazard Class II. The shelf life in original containers under mentioned conditions is at least  1 year from the date of filling at the manufacturer.