Ekofob is used mainly to treat concrete at roadways, airport areas, parkings, industrial yards, agricultural and storage objects, garages, bridges, concrete crash barriers, noise protection walls etc. The surface to be treated is sprayed, coated with paint rollers, brush etc. The precondition for the proper use is the put such quantity of the product only that soaks into concrete. The impregnation is applied to a dry and clean concrete surface at the air temperature higher than 15o°C and the concrete temperature +5 to +40o°C. A suitable temperature of the impregnating agent is 25 ± 10o°C.

The quantity of the agent to be applied should be determined by a test. An indicative rule says, for a new concrete and the first application the flat consumption oscillates between 150 and 200 g/m2. For older and already impregnated concrete, the consumption at the repeated impregnation drops to 50 – 60 g/m2.

General characteristics

Ekofob is a colorless to slightly yellowish impregnation agent improving the concrete resistance from the harmful effects of frost and chemical defrosting agents. According to STN 65 0201, Ekofob is an inflammable of Class III, the explosion danger Group II.

Quality indicators
PN VÚRUP 036-04

Quality indicator Value
Density at 20 oC, kg/m3 800 - 830
Viscosity, mm2/s, min. 5
Appearance clear, tan liquid

Work safety and health protection

Ekofob is classified as slightly harmful agent for human health. The present components have a slightly irritating effect on skin and mucosa. During work indoors provide an adequate ventilation. Do not eat, drink and smoke at work, void direct contacts of skin and mucosa with the product. Use the personal protective equipment, and a restorative creams before and after finished work. The worn or otherwise deteriorated product is disposed of at incineration plants suitable for such a waste.

Packaging and storage

Ekofob is available in metallic or plastic containers with antistatic treatment, in tankers or other containers within a agreement with the customer. The common plastic containers without antistatic treatment are not permitted. Store the product protected from strong heating up and frost as well. Shelf life if properly stored lasts 12 months from the date of production.

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