Grease OHV 000


The grease Grease OHV 000 is intended for lossy lubrication system with continuous refill of grease in particular, and for year-round lubrication of flanges at rail traction units at temperatures of metal surfaces from -30 to +80 °C. it is applied by means of lubricating pressure systems.

General characteristics

The lubricant OHV 000 is specially light biodegradable grease of a semi-liquid consistency, prepared on the basis of vegetable and synthetic oils.  It contains a mixture of anti-corrosion agents and antioxidants and is water resistant.

Qualitative indicators
PN VÚRUP 014-03

Quality indicator Value
Pour point, °C, min. 220
Penetration at 25 °C, 10-1 mm 445 - 475
Water content, % hm. max.* 0,1
Accelerated corrosion test, 100 °C/24 h
– copper plate
Content of mechanical impurities and ingredients not present
Water resistance at 40 °C, assessment grades, not more than 1-40


It meets the performance classification according to:

  • DIN 51 502       M 000-30, G 000E-30, O
  • ISO 6743-9       L-X-CAHAB-000

Work safety and health protection

The grease Grease OHV 000 has no toxic nor significant irritative effect (biological efficiency II.B). Observe general rules applying to handling the petroleum products during work.

Packaging and storage

Grease OHV 000 is available in 10 kg cans, 50 kg hobbocks, 200 kg barrels. Store in dry and dust-free rooms at temperatures from 10 to +30 °C. Shelf life is max. 2 years in hobbocks and barrels, or 3 years in metal sheet buckets.


MADIT OHV 000 (184.04 KB, pdf)