Grease V 000


Grease V 000 is intended for lossy lubrication system of sliding beds and mainly sliding chairs and other movable parts of the turnouts in railway transportation at metal surface temperatures from -30 to +80 °C. It does not create resin films on metal surface at long-term use (lubrication interval on average 7 days). It’s also used for lubrication of geared transmissions in the lossy way, e.g. at cogways, for closed gearings like final drive at traction locomotives.

General characteristics

The grease V 000 is specially light biodegradable grease of a semi-liquid consistency, prepared on the basis of vegetable and synthetic oils.  It contains a mixture of anti-corrosion agents and antioxidants and is water resistant.

Qualitative indicators
PN VÚRUP 014-03

Ukazovateľ kvality Hodnota
Bod skvapnutia, °C, min. 220
Penetrácia pri 25°C, 10-1 mm 445 - 475
Obsah vody, % hm. max.* 0,1
Odolnosť voči vode pri 90°C, stupne hodnotenia, max. 1-90
Urýchlená skúška na koróziu, 100°C/24 h
- medený pliešok
- oceľový pliešok
Obsah mechanických nečistôt a prísad neprítomné
Skúška na 4GP, zvarové zaťaženie, N, min. 2200


It meets the performance classification according to:

  • DIN 51 502       M 000-30, G 000E-30, OG
  • ISO 6743-9       L-X-CAHAB-000

Work safety and health protection

The Grease V 000 has no toxic nor significant irritative effect (biological efficiency II.B). Observe general rules applying to handling the petroleum products during work.

Packaging and storage

The grease V 000 is available in 8.0 kg cans and 50 kg hobbocks. Store in dry and dust-free rooms at temperatures from -10 to +30 °C. Shelf life is max. 2 years in hobbocks, or 3 years in metal sheet buckets.


Mazadlo V 000 (184.04 KB, pdf)