The grease HTBG 2EP is a grease for high temperature range, formulated for such applications with exceeding operational temperature if compared to the common soap grease. The temperature range is from -20 °C to +160 °C, and up to +180 °C for shorter greasing intervals or continuous greasing. The grease HTBG 2EP is designed to lubricate slow-rolling and plain bearings exposed to a huge load and high temperatures at dry industrial plants and equipment, such as bearings located inside drying ovens at textile and food industries, bearings of metallurgic equipment, rubber and plastics machinery, roller conveyors at glassworks, cement mills, steelworks etc.

General characteristics

HTBG 2EP is a grease based on the petroleum oil and inorganic binding agent. It involves a mixture of additives improving the oxidizing and thermal stability of the grease and also its EP and AW properties. The grease HTBG 2EP has tan color and is not washable with water.

Qualitative indicators
PN VÚRUP 016-03

Quality indicator Value
Pour point, °C, min. 240
Penetration at 25°C, 10-1 mm 265- 295
Water resistance at
90°C, assessment grades
Accelerated corrosion test, 100 °C/24 h
- – copper plate
– steel plate
Water elutriation inside bearing at 79 °C, % mass max. 5
Mechanical impurities content not present
Oxidizing stability, pressure drop 100 h/100 °C, kPa, max. 40
Test for 4GP*
- – welding load, N, min.
– trace diameter, mm, run E/1000N, max.
– trace diameter, mm, run E/1900N, max.

* guaranteed by the manufacturer


It meets the performance classification according to:

  • DIN 51 502 | KPF 2P-20
  • ISO 6743-9 | L-X-CEHB-2

Work safety and health protection

The grease HTBG 2EP has no toxic nor significant irritative effect (biological efficiency II.B). Observe general rules applying to handling the petroleum products during work.

Packaging and storage

The grease HTBG 2EP is available in 8.0 kg cans. Store in dry and dust-free rooms at temperatures from -5 to +30 °C. Shelf life is max. 3 years from the date of production.


MADIT HTBG-2EP (186.90 KB, pdf)