Larcon L


The main application fields of LARCON L is the production of high-quality chlorinated paraffins, alkyl sulphonates, n-oleffins, alcohols, acids, tensides, plasticisers for plastics, additives to motor oils, synthetic oils, grease and degreasing agents, further as a special solvent for initiators of PE polymerization, a component of solvent mixtures for coating industries etc.

General characteristics

The product LARCON L are dearomatized light n-alkans, being produced by the deep adsorptive dearomatization process from the hydrogenated petroleum fraction. The light dearomatized n-alkans – LARCON L are hydrocarbons C10 to 13 with the minimum purity 98.5 % by mass, containing sulfur not more than  2 ppm. The content of the aromatized hydrocarbons is decreased up to 10 ppm or according to the customer requirements.

The dearomatized n-alkans are clear colorless liquids of hydrocarbon nature, without a visible content of water and mechanical impurities, not mixable with water.

LARCON L has the flash point min. 72 °C, boiling point 190 °C and the lower explosion limit 0.6 % by vol., explosion danger group II. A. According to STN 65 0201, the explosion danger Group III.

Qualitative indicators
PN PN D 25-454-93, PN VÚRUP 017 – 03

Quality indicator Value
Purity, % vol., min. 98,5
Sulfur content, ppm, max. 2,0
Bromine index, mg/100, max. 50
Color Saybolt, min. +29
Flash point, °C, min. +72
Pour point, °C -20
Density at 20 ºC, kg/m 3 746-754
Water content, ppm, inform. 50
Aromatic hydrocarbon content, ppm, max. 10

Work safety and health protection

LARCON L is not toxic. As to its impact on human body, it is classified as matter with the biological activity. The repeated contact with skin may cause its obvious primary irritation and/or with direct contact it may irritate eyes. As to its possible impact on the environment, it harms quality and wholesomeness.
When handling the product, wear suitable personal protective equipment (like PVC gloves – not rubber, then tightly fitting goggles or protection shield, protection clothes – not made from synthetics, leather shoes without fittings; do not use PPE from rubber and material possible causing static charge). Do not eat, drink, smoke during handling and observe the hygienic rules as well as those of health protection at work using the petroleum products.

Packaging and storage

LARCON L is delivered in barrels, containers rail and road tankers. Store in closed barrels, tanks protected from weather conditions at temperatures between -10 °C and +30 °C, preferable in nitrogen atmosphere. The shelf life is 1 year if storage conditions are observed.


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