• powdered zeolite as the ecological softener into detergents and washing agents
  • to dry the majority of gases and liquids (permanent gases, saturated hydrocarbons, air)
  • to dry gases in the manufacture of semiconductor material
  • to dry coolants in cooling aggregates
  • as a water binder in paintings and plastics
  • for static drying of gases or liquids in closed systems
  • for drying of natural gas and air in ozonators
  • for adsorption of NH3 from the inert gases
  • for air drying at low partial water pressure
  • as the drying packing into effervecents packages
  • for drying of air in ozonators

General characteristics

Nalsit is a synthetic type 4A zeolite with pores size 0.4 nm. Molecular sieves are crystalline aluminosilicates of alkali metals or alkaline earth metals. They have a 3-D crystal lattice with tetrahedrons SiO4 and AlO4 as its basic components, arranged to create a regularly alternating cavities. The dimensions of intra-crystalline cavities and entering pores into cavities are characteristic for the individual types of molecular sieves. Molecular sieves are free of toxic documents.

Nalsit is an aluminosilicate. Its chemical composition in dehydrated state expresses the formula Na2O. Al2O3 . 2 SiO2.

Quality indicators

Name Chemical composition Effective
pores radius (nm)
(g/100 g)
- powder


- min. 24,0

220 - 260

- G 20/25
sodium-aluminosilicate 0,4 min. 12,0 min. 19,0 710 - 820
Nalsit V15 sodium-aluminosilicate 0,4 min. 8,0 min. 19,0 580 - 760
Nalsit V30 sodium-aluminosilicate 0,4 min. 20,0 min. 19,0 600 - 760

RAK43 - equilibrium adsorption capacity
It determines the zeolite capacity do adsorb water vapor from the air at 25 °C and relative air humidity 43% in g water per 100 g dry zeolite
G 20/25 - balls of 2,0 - 2,5 mm diameter
V 15 - extrudate in form of small cylinders of 1.5 mm diameter
V 30 - extrudate in form of small cylinders of 3.0 mm diameter


The zeolites are packaged and delivered in metallic 20-liter- or 200-liter-containers. The water content in granulated packaged products is not more than 1.5 % mass.

The guarantee period lasts 2 years from the date of production.

Nalsit is characterized by the standard

PN VÚRUP 023 - 03 Synthetic zeolites, molecular sieves of type A and Y
PN VÚRUP 024 - 03 Powdered A type zeolites, 3A Potasit, 4A Nalsit