Grease NEOSIL 1/2 MG is used for lubrication of low-speed roller and plain bearings operating at temperatures between -30 and +180 °C, and for a short time and if for a short-term and often repeated lubricating up to 230 °C, in metallurgy, glass, rubber, and ceramic industries.

General characteristics

NEOSIL 1/2 MG is a complex calcium grease on the synthetic basis with graphite and molybdenum sulphide additive of a semi-soft consistency, black colored and with a smooth structure. It contains anti-corrosion agents and is water resistant.

Qualitative indicators
PN PN VÚRUP 022 – 03

Quality indicator Value
Pour point, °C, min. 230
Penetration at 25 °C, 10-1 mm 280 - 320
Free organic acids content, % mass max. 0,2
Free bases content, % mass, max. 0,2
Separability of oil at 150 °C/24 h, % mass max. 5,0
Accelerated test for corrosive effect at 100 °C/24 h
-steel plate
-copper plate
Test 4GP*
of non-seizing/seizing load, N min.
diameter of abrasion trace, mm, max.
Water elutriation inside bearing at 79 °C, % mass max. 12
Oxidizing stability, pressure drop 100 h/100 °C, kPa, max. 40

* guaranteed by the manufacturer

Work safety and health protection

Grease NEOSIL 1/2 MG has no toxic nor significant irritative effect (biological efficiency II.A). Observe general rules applying to handling the petroleum products during work.

Packaging and storage

Grease NEOSIL 1/2 MG is available in 1.0 kg PE cans or 10.0 kg metallic cans. Store in dry and dust-free rooms at temperatures from -5 to +30 °C.

    • The shelf life depends on the package type:
    • max. 2 years from the date of production – for hobbock
    • max. 3 years from the date of production for steel bucket
    • max. 4 years from the date of production for plastic box.


MADIT NEOSIL 1-2 MG (185.26 KB, pdf)