Novapor is used mainly to prevent excessive water losses from the fresh concrete that lead to formation of cracks and to the dedustification the fine aggregate from the concrete surface. The product is put on using a common spraying equipment; its viscosity may be adapted by dilution with water. The most suitable way of coating is at the moment when the concrete surface changes from glance to matt or after removal of formwork. The product spreading rate is 1 liter/ 4 – 5 m2.

Main field of application:

  • concrete roads
  • airport runways
  • concrete yard areas
  • storage areas
  • concrete prefabricated elements

General characteristics

Novapor is milky, low-viscosity aqueous emulsion of naturally degradable film forming compounds that, once sprayed over the concrete surface, forms a coating having no impact on the concrete look and is gradually degraded by microbiological, weather and operational influence. The created film may impair any further surface treatment, as to the adhesion.

Quality indicators
PN VÚRUP 036-04

Quality indicator Value
Density at 20 oC, kg/m3 950 - 980
Appearance White colored liquid

Work safety and health protection

Novapor is incombustible and having a neutral reaction. The present components have no irritative effects and are not absorbed by the skin. Use the personal protective equipment when handling the product, to void direct contacts of skin and eyes; do not eat, drink and smoke. When the work is finished, wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap and treat with a recovery cream.

Packaging and storage

Novapor is delivered in single-use and deposited 1,000-liters-PE containers, in single-use 200-liters-PE barrels, small-volume PE containers and road tankers. It is stored in good closed, sealing packings, on duly protected sites from weather influence, direct sunshine, heaters, and frost. Shelf life if properly stored lasts 12 months from the date of production.


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