SEPARÉN is suitable for all kinds of shuttering and molds made from wood, plastics, rubber, and steel. High separation effect allows in some cases multiple demoulding without coating recovery. The agent does not influence the concrete color and is also suitable for white architectonic concrete. It does not affect the organic materials like the rubber molds sealing, the rubber matrix or heat insulating materials. It is coated by painting, spraying, rollers etc. It is recommendable to paint a coating as thin as possible because a thick layer is not economic, it deteriorates the concrete surface quality and the purity of the mold.
CAUTION: Concrete shall be filled into the mold or shuttering after the Separén layer became dry!

General characteristics

Auxiliary demoulding agent SEPARÉN is a white aqueous emulsion based on mineral oils, without visible content of liquid hydrocarbons and mechanical impurities. The emulsion may be diluted with water. It does not contain any hygienically harmful substances nor contaminates the air and groundwater.

Qualitative indicators
PN VÚRUP 037-04

Quality indicator Value
Density at 20 oC, kg/m3 950 - 980
Appearance White colored liquid

SEPARÉN contains substances classified as biologically active as to their effect. Do not eat, drink and smoke at work, void direct contacts of skin and mucosa with the product. Use personal protective equipment, and a restorative creams before and after finished work.Work safety and health protection

Packaging and storage

SEPARÉN is delivered in single-use 200-liters-PE barrels, single-use PE containers and in single-use and deposited 1,000-liters-containers. It is stored in good closed, sealing packings, on protected sites from frost. Shelf life if properly stored lasts 12 months from the date of production. Recommended storage temperature is +4 through +40°C.

The product is sold by STACHEMA
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