Separén Špeciál


Auxiliary demolding agent SEPARÉN ŠPECIAL is intended for use in the construction industries for painting or spraying on metallic, rubber or wooden molds before pouring concrete into molds. It forms a highly cohesive and water repellent film assuring a reliable demoulding concrete at horizontal and vertical walls. The agent preserve simultaneously the mold and removes corrosive products from the previous use. It is to be painted or sprayed using absorbent material.

General characteristics

The auxiliary demoulding agent SEPARÉN ŠPECIAL is a brownish clear liquid without visible water content, mechanical impurities. It is characterized by a high flowability, capillarity and a low viscosity, which allows it to cover rugged and less accessible areas.

It is flammable liquid of the hazard Class III according to STN 65 0201.

Qualitative indicators
PN VÚRUP 037-04

Quality indicator Value
Density at 20 °C, kg/m3 800 - 880
Viscosity at 20 °C, mm2/s min. 15
Appearance Light brown clear liquid

Work safety and health protection

SEPARÉN ŠPECIAL contains substances classified as biologically active as to their effect. Do not eat, drink and smoke at work, void direct contacts of skin and mucosa with the product. Use the personal protective equipment, and a restorative creams before and after finished work. Worn or otherwise deteriorated product is disposed of at incineration plants suitable for such a waste.

Packaging and storage

SEPARÉN ŠPECIAL is delivered in single-use 200-liters-barrels and in single-use and deposited 1,000-liters-containers and road tankers. It is stored in good closed, sealing packings, on duly protected sites from weather influence, direct sunshine, and heaters. Shelf life if properly stored lasts 12 months from the date of production.

The product is sold by STACHEMA
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