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    Engines and motor vehicles

    Using the cylindric dynamometer MAHA LPS 2000the following measurements may be performed:

    • Measurement of the engine output by scanning the performance curve, the power losses and followed by a calculation of final power curve at the output engine shaft along with the torque curve. The parameters are evaluated acc. to DIN 70020 up to 300 kW.
    • Measurement of parameters for vehicles at a constant motor speed, or at a constant vehicle velocity. At these modi, the parameters for the engine control unit may be set and the consumption of fuel or the emissions may be measured.
    • Emission measurement in exhaust gas (CO, CO2, HC, NOx, O2) at any driving mode.
    • Opacity measurement for vehicles with compression ignition engine using the free acceleration method.
    • Fuel consumption measurement (immediate consumption, expressed in litres per hour, litres per 100 km) at any driving mode (idle speed, constant speeds, urban cycles).
    • Measurement of vehicle acceleration (the initial velocity must be > 0 km/h). During input of drive parameters, the initial and final velocity of the vehicle is to be set, between which the acceleration is measured. Once the initial velocity is achieved, the time interval is measured and when the final velocity is reached, the measured time interval is displayed on the monitor. From this time value the acceleration is calculated.
    • Precision control for the current velocity (within a range 10 – 250 km/h). The dynamometer compares the current vehicle velocity with the preset velocity and determines the deviation of speedometer for each selected velocity separately.