Control of cooling water acc. to STN EN ISO 6222
Quantitative determination of indicators of the general water contamination
(psychrophilic and mesophilic bacteria)
Psychrophilic bacteria (cultivable microorganisms at 22 °C)

is an indicator of general water contamination, with the optimum of bacteria growth at 22 °C. Their count provides information on the total bacterial water contamination, and their higher count values indicate a penetration of contaminants from the ambient environment or troubles at the water treatment or disinfection.

Mesophilic bacteria (cultivable microorganisms at 37 °C)

are indicator of general water contamination. Their maximum growth is at 37 °C, which proves a link with the warm-blooded organisms and their possible pathogens and that is why they are more important from the hygienic point of view than cultivable microorganisms at 22 °C.



Microbiological fuel control (kerosene type jet fuel and diesel)
MicrobMonitor2  – Test kit to detect active bacteria, yeast and mold along with their dormant spores. The test is recommended to monitor the fuel microbiological contamination (kerosene type jet fuel) in storage tanks as well as the fuel distribution systems.
MikrobMonitor2® was validated by independent studies and is recognized as an international oil IP 613 and standard test method ASTM D7978.

It delivers fully quantifiable results being comparable with standard laboratory tests acc. to IP 385.

Fuel Microbe Test Kits

One side of the test strip detects the bacteria presence within the interval 24 – 36 hours after exposition to the diesel sample.

The reverse side of the test strip detects the mold presence within the interval 36 – 48 hours after exposition to the diesel sample.