Mobile laboratory

The mobile laboratory is an ideal solution for a fast and exact quality control of motor fuel directly in the field (service station, terminal, car service).

It is equipped with portable and semi-automated analyzers – one for motor gasoline, one for diesel, a distillation set and analyzer of flash point that enable a detailed fuel analysis within less than 30 minutes while a very small sample quantity is necessary.

Based on the analytic results, a Test record or an Inspection report on the product quality may be issued directly on site that also involve an assessment of the result compliance with the national or European legislation (STN EN 228, STN EN 590, Decree by the Slovak Ministry of Environment No. 53/2004 Coll.).

A mobile laboratory makes possible to determine following most important properties of motor gasolines, diesel and biodiesel, as well as their components and similar hydrocarbon mixtures.

Motor gasolines
Octane number using the research method
Octane number using the engine method
Density at 15 °C
Distillation curve
Vapour pressure
Benzene content
Total content of aromatics and olefines
Total oxygen content
Content of individual oxygenates
Cetane number
Cetane index
Content of cetane number improver
Density at 15 °C
Distillation curve
Flash point
Total content of aromatics
Content of polycyclic aromatics
Content of MERO (FAME)