Accredited sampling

The correct sampling is of a priority importance for its following analysis or other use. For this reason, the accredited sampling is carried out by our staff, highly skilled and trained on regular basis who test their skills regularly within the frame of international proficiency tests.

We provide sampling of fuels, contact Mrs. Iveta Chovancová

  • liquid and gas fuels from the commercial site fuel dispensers and fuel tanks
  • for biogas
  • liquid and gas fuels, oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals, oil and cooling mixtures

we provide water sampling, contact Mrs. Alžbeta Takáčová

  • waste, surface and groundwater
  • waste, sludge, soil an earth

The transportation of samples is carried out by using of modified car that enables keeping constant preset temperature, at which the composition or properties do not undergo any change at a dark and dry room where the taken samples are stored.