Volume 50, 2008

Volume 50, 2008, Issue 1

Prefractionation of high benzene precursors’ feed for hybrid reformer unit ( 298 KB, pdf)

R. Dinkov, D. Stratiev, M. Chomakov, K. Kirilov

Coke formation during copyrolysis of polyalkenes with naphtha ( 277 KB, pdf)

Elena Hájeková, Božena Mlynková, Silvia Fáberová, Martin Bajus

Comparison of ruthenium catalysts supported on beta and mordenite in the hydrocycloalkylation of benzene ( 786 KB, pdf)

Milan Kralik, Zuzana Vallusova, Jan Laluch, Jozef Mikulec, Vendelin Macho

Evaluation of fcc unit process variables impact on yield distribution and product quality part ii. evaluation of the impact of fcc unit operating conditions on gasoline hydrocarbon composition and octane number ( 328 KB, pdf)

D. Stratiev, R. Dinkov

Synthesis of cyclic alkylene carbonates at low temperatures and pressures ( 345 KB, pdf)

Vendelín Macho, Milan Králik, Milan Olšovský, Jana Horniaková, Dušan Mravec

Prediction gas chromatographic retention times on pona column for some petroleum components based on linear solvation relationships ( 341 KB, pdf)


An investigation of the effect of bubble diameter on the performance of gas-solid fluidized bed reactor and two?phase modeling of bubbling fluidized bed reactor in melamine production ( 225 KB, pdf)

Amir Farshi, Houman Javaherizadeh, M.A. Hamzavi - Abedi

Elemental analysis of engine oils using energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (edxrfs) and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (icp-aes) ( 347 KB, pdf)

Richard Sági*, Norbert Miskolczi, László Bartha, Pál Halmos